Europe’s $100 billion FCAS stealth fighter is plagued by major issues.

The FCAS stealth fighter project is in danger of failing because of the intense conflict among the project participants over who will assume which responsibilities. The Future Combat Air System program, which will give them a new set of “air weapons” including FCAS and drones, is currently being worked on by three European nations, including … Read more

Why does Russia still possess missiles?

Moscow’s stockpile is obviously not exhausted, despite claims to the contrary from Britain, the United States, and Ukraine, according to the New York Times. The government in Kiev, the Pentagon, and British intelligence spent months claiming that Moscow’s stockpiles were running low. The New York Times offered four potential explanations for how Russia was able … Read more

How can Ukraine benefit from Germany’s IRIS-T air defence missile?

IRIS-T is capable of thwarting all varieties of aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, guided weapons, surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, and anti-radar missiles. It also has a high possibility of destroying hostile drones. The first cutting-edge air defence missile system, the IRIS-T, has been handed by Germany to Kiev to assist defend Ukrainian cities and troops from … Read more

NATO members are alarmed after four Russian warplanes violate NATO airspace.

A fighter squadron from the Italian Air Force was hurriedly sent because it was claimed that Russian military aircraft had violated the airspace of Poland and Sweden. Italian Typhoon fighter jets engaged in the Airspace Patrol operation in Poland launched an emergency sortie to stop four Russian fighter jets from entering Poland and Sweden’s area … Read more

Bloomberg: The flow of arms into Ukraine has slowed.

In order to take the upper hand on the battlefield, the Ukrainian army is mounting a counterattack against Russian soldiers. However, there are currently no indications that the allies will increase their military assistance to President Zelensky’s forces. In the meantime, Moscow has taken further aggressive action by announcing the mobilisation of an extra 300,000 … Read more

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