The efficiency of the US bomb GLSDB, a weapon that can penetrate Russia’s red line

There are reports that the West will give Ukraine US GLSDB bombs. This is a potent weapon. Russia quickly cautioned the West against doing so. The Kremlin warned on January 19 that if the West gives Ukraine more weaponry that can strike targets in Russia, tensions would worsen. A day after it was claimed that … Read more

A Russian Su-27 jet intercepts a German reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea.

Near the nation’s border, the Russian Baltic Fleet’s Su-27 fighter spotted a German Air Force P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft and flew off to intercept it over the Baltic Sea. “On January 16, a target nearing the nation’s borders was discovered by the Russian airspace surveillance system. The Russian Center for Defense Control reported that a … Read more

How do the US and the rest of the West transport weapons to Ukraine?

Logistical help provided by the West to Ukraine is another significant component in addition to the vast amount of aid weapons. The US Transportation Command has made a visual public that shows the precise quantity of weapons and equipment that has been sent to Ukraine. This White House image shows the availability of goods from … Read more

President Putin: There is no competition for Russia’s new missile ship.

The newest nuclear-powered missile-carrying ships built by Russia are now unmatched in the world, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. On December 29, President Putin made the following statement regarding the role the Rubin Design Bureau and the Sevmash shipyard played in the development of Russia’s nuclear submarines: “New nuclear-powered missile-carrying ships are being designed … Read more

President Putin: Russia can adopt the United States’ pre-emptive attack doctrine.

Putin suggested that Russia might “borrow” American strategies for ensuring its own security, such as the use of pre-emptive strikes. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that his country might “borrow” elements of the United States’ strategies for ensuring its security, including as the use of a preemptive disarmament strike. “First, the US has a policy … Read more

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