NATO members are alarmed after four Russian warplanes violate NATO airspace.

A fighter squadron from the Italian Air Force was hurriedly sent because it was claimed that Russian military aircraft had violated the airspace of Poland and Sweden. Italian Typhoon fighter jets engaged in the Airspace Patrol operation in Poland launched an emergency sortie to stop four Russian fighter jets from entering Poland and Sweden’s area … Read more

Will Ukraine soon receive Swedish weapons to attack Kherson?

Swedish weapons with superior tactical features can help Ukraine hold a great advantage when conducting a general offensive against Kherson. Swedish weapons are likely to soon be on the Ukrainian battlefield, serving the Kherson offensive after the recent efforts of Kyiv government officials. On August 29, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba was present in Stockholm, … Read more

It is the F-16, is it not, that the West has chosen as its fighter for the Ukrainian Air Force?

A lot of media attention has recently been paid to the topic of which fighter plane the Ukrainian Air Force will get from the West. Because the type of fighter Kyiv receives from the West has the potential to help Kyiv turn the battlefield, it remains one of the topics that garners the most public … Read more

Russia’s nightmare Sweden begins building on the most modern submarine, HMS Blekinge.

Sweden has commenced work on the HMS Blekinge submarine, the first of two Blekinge-class submarines. The Blekinge is intended to replace the Gotland-class submarine by the end of the decade. The A26 Blekinge project submarine’s keel-laying ceremony took place on June 30 in conjunction with Sweden’s application to join NATO, breaking with long-standing neutrality. The … Read more

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