Ukraine employed special Caesar’s self-propelled artillery as “bait”

The self-propelled French Caesar artillery is being used by the Ukrainian military as a booby trap for Russian army firing. Both the HIMARS type and the NASAMS rocket complex have been used with success by Kyiv in the past. The Caesar self-propelled howitzers that France aided Ukraine have shown good performance on the battlefield, so … Read more

How does the next-generation French artillery CAESAR Howitzer aid Ukraine in its conflict with Russia?

The much-hyped French CAESAR self-propelled howitzer has already proven to be very effective in the Russia-Ukraine War.Despite the high-tech weapons that have accompanied the combatants in Russia’s 2022 invasion against the neighbouring Ukraine, artillery—whether from cannons, howitzers, or the tanks whose own big guns supplement them—has been crucial to the conflict’s outcome and is largely … Read more

Why did Serbia opt for 12 French Rafale fighters over Russia’s Su-30SM?

For the first time, the Ukrainian Army used the American Switchblade UAV on the battlefield, and it exceeded expectations. Serbia finally decided to order the French Rafale fighter instead of the Russian Su-30SM. Belgrade is expected to order a batch of 12 at first, then increase the quantity to purchase more. Despite being one of … Read more

The MMP, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile, is on its way to Ukraine’s military.

In the hands of the Ukrainian Army, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile, the MMP, is expected to cause significant damage to Russian tanks. When deployed alongside Javelin or NLAW, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile MMP will provide the Ukrainian Army with a terrifying “tank killer” and make the Russian Army feel threatened. Since … Read more