Tank localization – India’s unfinished dream

India spent nearly 50 years trying to localise tanks, but up to this point, New Delhi hasn’t been able to realise its goal. The Arjun MK1A is an improved version of the MBT Arjun that has 72 major and minor changes to increase combat efficiency. The Arjun MK1A was officially approved into service by the … Read more

The Russian army may be employing Indian Army T-90S Bhishma tanks in its war with Ukraine.

According to Frontier India’s Girish Linganna, some of India’s T-90S Bhishma tanks were being modernised in Russia, but it may have been decided to provide them to the Russian army for its conflict in Ukraine. According to Girish Linganna, a video of T-90 tanks was posted on a Telegram channel in the middle of September, … Read more

To combat China, India “shows off” its homegrown attack helicopters.

India has shown its first group of homegrown assault helicopters with a focus on mountainous terrain. The new design is anticipated to be utilised against China in Himalayan regions that are under dispute. On October 3, India unveiled a batch of homegrown helicopters that are intended for use in high-altitude regions like the Himalayas, where … Read more

India has put its first homegrown aircraft carrier into service.

In an endeavour to advance its naval prowess and defence autonomy, India commissioned its first homegrown aircraft carrier, the Vikrant. “This is a significant accomplishment and a historic day. It serves as an illustration of the government’s efforts to make India independent in the military industry “At the ceremony on September 2, the aircraft carrier … Read more

3 officials from India were fired for “mistakenly” shooting a missile toward Pakistan.

In response to the “accidental” of firing a missile to Pakistan, the Indian government has recently sacked three air force personnel. On March 9, India launched a BrahMos supersonic cruise missile toward Pakistan. As there were no casualties as a result of the occurrence, the two close neighbours handled the situation calmly. However, Islamabad requested … Read more

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