The mysterious feature of the Shahed-136 suicide UAV ‘makes it difficult’ for Ukraine’s air defense

Ukraine’s air defense does not have an effective method to destroy the Shahed-136 suicide drone because it is not clear how effective this weapon is. The Iranian-made Shahed-136 suicide drone has been actively used by the Russian Army to attack Ukrainian cities, especially Odesa and Dnipro, while Ukrainian air defense has not yet had an … Read more

Israel provides Ukraine with armaments to combat the Shahed-136 suicide drone

Russia’s Geran-2 suicide drone (Shahed-136) is going to face a challenge from Israel, which has agreed to supply Ukraine with anti-drone weapons. Prior to the damage caused by the Russian Geran-2 suicide drone to the artillery force, Ukraine requested that Israel give them with fighting equipment, which has since been granted. The Israeli government has … Read more

Can’t wait, Iran will ‘abandon’ the Su-35S and buy MiG-29SMT?

The prospect of the Iranian Air Force deciding to skip the Su-35S fighter to choose the MiG-29SMT is being mentioned by the media. In early September, Iran’s Air Force Commander General Hamid Vahedi said that Russia’s purchase of Su-35S fighter jets is being considered by this country, leading to the prediction that 64 fighters of … Read more

Iran’s Fath 360 could be the country’s equivalent to America’s HIMARS.

Fath 360, a new Iranian ballistic missile guided by satellite, is comparable to the HIMARS that the US delivered to Ukraine during that country’s confrontation with Russia. During recent military drills, Iran conducted a test of its homegrown Fath 360 satellite-guided ballistic missile. The US High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) used in Ukraine resembles … Read more

Iran’s Air Force power will skyrockets if they buys all 64 Russian Su-35 ‘war gods’

Russian site Avia said that Iran intends to buy 64 Su-35 “war gods” from Russia to form 5 air squadrons. The value of this deal is up to 10 billion USD. Russian media reported that Iran intends to buy 64 “war gods” from Russia, which will allow the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to create 5 … Read more