Heavy Losses for German and French Armored Vehicles as Russia claims Destruction of 8 Leopards and 3 AMX-10s

Ukraine’s expansive counterattacks have encountered significant losses as they contend with formidable Russian firepower and entrenched defensive forces. According to a source from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian armed forces suffered substantial losses during their counter-attacks on June 5. The reported casualties exceeded 1,500, while 28 tanks and 109 armored … Read more

Invisible Assassin: Russian ‘Suicide’ UAV Obliterates Ukraine’s Cutting-Edge Air Defense System

A recent report from The Drive highlights a noteworthy event wherein a Russian Kamikaze UAV effectively neutralized a TRML-4D radar station, a crucial component of Ukraine’s IRIS-T air defense missile system, underscoring the severity of the situation. On June 7, The Drive released a video showcasing Russian military operations in eastern Ukraine. The footage revealed … Read more

Game-Changing Warning: Russia Poised for Victory as US Expert Sounds the Alarm

The American analyst claims that although Russia had a number of difficulties when the conflict first began, the lessons it has learned from urban conflicts have given it an advantage over Ukraine. On June 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the troops orders to keep moving forward in order to take control of Maryinka, a … Read more

Russia disables the shield protecting key Ukrainian facilities, destroys 2 weapons depots

Russia announced that it used precision weapons to attack air defense shields protecting key Ukrainian facilities and destroy two enemy arsenals. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced on June 2 that the country had launched precision weapons against air defense complexes protecting key Ukrainian military facilities. “During the night, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried … Read more

19 Nations, One Mission: British Special Forces’ Classified Operations Exposed

In a covert operation spanning from 2011 till present, Britain’s elite special forces infiltrated the shadows of 19 nations, including Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and the depths of Sudan’s treacherous terrain. In a startling revelation, the charity Action against Armed Violence (AOAV) has unveiled a clandestine world of British special forces. The report claims that … Read more

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