Secrecy clause in the decree to mobilize another 300,000 Russian troops

The Kremlin said that details of clause 7 in the decree on mobilizing Russia’s reserve forces are kept secret, only “internal circulation”. President Vladimir Putin on September 21, 2022, signed a decree to mobilize a part of the domestic reserve force and emphasized the goal of “liberating the Donbas”. “It is necessary to make decisions … Read more

Ukraine launched the Pechora-2D air defense complex into battle when the Buk-M1 was exhausted

Ukraine’s Pechora-2D air defense complex can pose a great risk to Russian fighters when they are launched into battle. Currently, the main force of the fire network protecting the sky over Ukraine is the Buk-M1 systems, but due to the sharp decrease in ammunition reserves after 7 months of fighting when the aid has not … Read more

Will the United States provide tanks to Ukraine?

On September 20, a top US defence official stated that the US administration is considering transferring tanks to the Ukrainian army in the future. This remark was made during a regular Pentagon press conference on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the same day. Meanwhile, Ukrainian military troops have advanced in a massive counter-offensive … Read more

Ukraine employed special Caesar’s self-propelled artillery as “bait”

The self-propelled French Caesar artillery is being used by the Ukrainian military as a booby trap for Russian army firing. Both the HIMARS type and the NASAMS rocket complex have been used with success by Kyiv in the past. The Caesar self-propelled howitzers that France aided Ukraine have shown good performance on the battlefield, so … Read more

Russia: Hundreds of Ukrainian troops were killed in one day

The Russian-Ukrainian war on September 17 was highlighted by Russia claiming hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry announced to the media on September 17 that the offensive attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) in Kherson had completely failed. In an attack near the village … Read more