Russian forces besiege the strategic city of Bakhmut.

The Russian army has surrounded the city of Bakhmut, barring nearly all of the roadways used by the Ukrainian armed forces, according to Apty Alaudinov, leader of the Akhmat special forces unit in Lugansk. He claims that the Russian forces would soon seize the region, even though the Ukrainian army only controls one route. In … Read more

Russia’s response to the Patriot air defence system is the Kh-31PD missile.

Russia claims that its Kh-31PD missile can disable the US Patriot air defence system. The American Patriot air defence system can be defeated by the Russian Kh-31PD air-launched anti-radiation missile. On January 26, Boris Obnosov, the CEO of Tactical Missile Corporation and a Hero of Russia, made the claim to TASS. Boris Obnosov claims that … Read more

Russia is expected to send its most advanced tanks to Ukraine, according to British intelligence.

As the West prepares to supply modern tanks to Kyiv, Russia is getting ready to send T-14 Armata tanks into Ukraine. In a report on the situation of conflict in Ukraine on January 25, British military intelligence referenced the data. The prospect of Russia sending the main battle tank T-14 Aramata to Ukraine was previously … Read more

The powerful Tornado-G MLRS assisted Russia in overwhelming Ukraine’s firepower in Donbass.

The ability to concentrate strong firepower, enabled by the appearance of Tornado-G, the newest weapon in the Russian rocket artillery arsenal, has been one of the highlights of Russia’s and its supporting troops’ recent progress in the Donbass region. In a recent video, a Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher can be seen firing towards a Ukrainian … Read more

Russia claims to have destroyed the ammunition storage facility in Ukraine.

Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, reported that Mocsow forces damaged a Ukrainian artillery depot in the Zaporozhye region. Igor Konashenkov said that a Ukrainian ammo storage had been damaged in the Zaporozhye district of Malinovka. He claims that throughout the Zaporozhye offensive, the Russian Eastern Military District’s men have shifted to … Read more

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