What if Ukraine has an Iron Dome missile defense system?

Ukraine wants Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, which if it happens will cause big trouble for Russia. Ukraine wants Israel to donate Iron Dome missile defense systems after it was reported that Iran would transfer more offensive weapons to Russia. Israel’s Foreign Minister Nachman Shai recently tweeted that the country should support and support … Read more

Israel will not provide Ukraine with weapons.

Tel Aviv’s support for Kiev does not include the use of weapons systems or other armaments, according to Israel’s justice minister, and this stance won’t change. Despite the request for arms from Kiev from Israeli Foreign Minister Nachman Shai, Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Saar declared on October 18 that Israel will not arm Ukraine. Ukraine … Read more

Ukraine receives a “Su-57 killer” the Sky Saber air defence system from Britain.

The UK is set to give the Ukrainian army the Sky Saber – New Generation Medium-Range Air Defense Missile System (also known as the “stealth hunter”). This air defence complex will pose a threat to Russian forces due to its superior tactical and technical features. According to our London correspondent, Britain is considering giving Ukraine … Read more

Will the new Israeli “merkava Mk5” tank be “invincible” to UAVs and anti-tank missiles?

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, production of the newest Merkava tank, labelled “the best in the world,” has begun in Israel. The new Merkava 5 will be used by the army starting in 2023. Many contemporary systems are fitted into the Merkava Mk5 to deal with anti-tank weapons and unmanned aerial aircraft (UAVs). Israeli … Read more

What “ultimate” power does Israel’s Barak 8 air defense system possess?

The Israeli Barak 8 air defense system, which has “shocking” features, is regarded as the most advanced and distinctive anti-aircraft weapon in use today. Collaboration between Israel and India resulted in the development of the Barak 8 air defense system. This air defense system is currently regarded as the most distinctive and hazardous in existence. … Read more

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