Would Ukraine be the target of a serious strike now that so many Russian ships have left their base?

The abrupt departure of the majority of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Kalibr missile ships from the port of Novorossiysk raised some eyebrows. Israeli military analyst Yakov Kedmi was quoted by the Russian daily Pravda as saying that it was not totally coincidence that the majority of the navy fleet’s warships “disappeared” from the base. … Read more

What are thermobaric bombs, which despite their horrific destructive force, are nonetheless legal?

Although thermobaric bombs are second only to nuclear weapons in terms of destructive potential, there is no convention that forbids their deployment. The following is a description of the thermobaric weapon from the CIA report “On the Impact of Thermobaric Weapon Explosions in Confined Space”: “Those close to the blast area have been wiped off, … Read more

A Russian warship armed with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles takes part in training in the Norwegian Sea.

According to Military Cognizance, citing a notice from the Northern Fleet, the Admiral Gorshkov destroyer equipped with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles performed the mission of repelling a simulated air attack during the manoeuvres in the Norwegian Sea. According to a Northern Fleet press statement, the crew of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate practised intercepting air attack weaponry, … Read more

In order to mount a counterattack, the US provided Ukraine a record-breaking 3 billion USD.

The Ukrainian Army is probably going to plan a counterattack across the entire front once it receives new weapons from the US. The 29th military aid package to Ukraine, with a record value of more than 3 billion USD, was disclosed by the Pentagon on the evening of January 6, 2023. The unique aspect is … Read more

‘Tank killer’ TOW on M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle

One of the weapons equipped on the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is the “Tank Killer” TOW. Although not as modern as Javelin and NLAW missiles, but in return TOW missiles have 15-50% higher armor penetration and 250% longer range. In addition to the 25mm cannon and coaxial machine gun, the TOW anti-tank missile is one … Read more

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