Russian Tactics Revealed: How the ‘Bait Missile’ Outwitted and Damaged Patriot air Defense System!

Ukraine’s possession of the ADM-160 MALD decoy missile has prompted Russia to initiate the deployment of an analogous weapon system. Photographs of alleged decoy missiles purportedly utilized by the Russian Army to ascertain the positions of Ukrainian air defenses have surfaced. These missiles, which lack warheads, are said to be developed from the Kh-55 platform, … Read more

Tomahawk Tsunami: US Aims to Crush Russian Defenses with 5,000 Missiles

US plans to use 5,000 Tomahawk missiles to overwhelm Russian air defenses in the Tomahawk Tsunami, creating a major challenge for Russia. The New York Times, a prominent news publication in the United States, has released an analysis indicating that NATO is currently working on a plan to simulate an immediate threat against Russia. As … Read more

US General Reveals the Reason Behind JDAM’s Inability to Hit Targets

General David T. Pyne, who previously served as the commander of a US special operations unit, has stated that the Russian electronic warfare capabilities are so strong that they were able to disrupt the effectiveness of the JDAM guided bombs supplied by the US to Ukraine, giving the Russian forces an advantage. According to David … Read more

“Ukrainian Fighter Jets Lured into Danger: Russia Sets Up “Death Trap” in Latest Provocation”

To lure the Ukrainian plane into a position where it can be ambushed by Russian warplanes, a Russian plane will be employed as a decoy. “The Russians are always adjusting their strategy. Nothing in this conflict is definite. traps are set. They despatched a plane, deceiving the Ukrainian pilot into believing there was just one, … Read more

“The Powerhouses of Destruction: Unveiling the Top 10 Nuclear Missiles in the World”

Nuclear missiles are considered to be some of the deadliest weapons on earth. These weapons have the ability to cause massive destruction, and their use can have catastrophic consequences. Despite the inherent danger associated with nuclear weapons, many countries continue to develop and maintain their own arsenals. In this article, we will take a look … Read more

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