Is Russia’s Iskander-M worthy of the ‘sniper missile’ moniker?

The high accuracy of the Iskander-M on the Ukrainian battlefield has earned the weapon’s nickname “sniper missile”. Russian media recently announced that their Iskander-M deserves to be called a “sniper missile” thanks to its high accuracy to the point of being able to slip through a window when launched from a distance of hundreds of … Read more

Watch Video – Russia released a video of how they destroyed Ukraine’s most powerful domestic ‘tank killer’ Stugna-P

The Ukrainian-developed “tank killer” Stugna-P is emerging as one of the most effective anti-tank missile systems in real combat, which is also a weapon being hunted by Russia on the battlefield Although less mentioned than Javelin or NLAW anti-tank missiles, the fact that the “tank killer” Stugna-P developed by Ukraine has caused Russia many losses … Read more

Turkey ‘broke the law’ to provide extremely dangerous long-range rocket artillery to Ukraine

Russian media believe that dozens of TRLG-230 Tiger long-range rocket launchers may have been secretly supplied to Ukraine by Turkey. Currently, neither Ankara nor Kiev have commented on the information. Russia’s Avia page said that Turkey will hand over dozens of extremely dangerous rocket artillery systems TRG-230 from Turkey in the near future. Currently, neither Kyiv nor … Read more

Ukraine is about to receive thousands of GMLRS missiles for HIMARS

Ukraine is about to receive a very large number of GMLRS missiles for the HIMARS-guided rocket artillery system in an aid package worth up to 550 million USD The question of whether Ukraine has enough GMLRS missiles for the HIMARS complex to operate was quickly answered by the Pentagon by delivering thousands of high-precision guided … Read more

HIMARS and ATACMS missiles fired by Ukraine be “extinguished” by the Russian S-350 air defence system?

The aforementioned situation is highly intriguing, as Russia’s S-350 Air Defense System is anticipated to soon face off against HIMARS and ATACMS Missiles on the Ukrainian Battlefield.

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