Did the US provide long-range missiles to the Ukrainian military to use on the HIMARS system?

Russian media quoted a representative of Ukraine’s separatists as saying that Kiev had received long-range missiles from the US for the HIMARS rocket artillery system. Neither Kiev nor Washington have commented on the information yet.  Ukrainian separatists claim that the US has delivered to Ukraine long-range ER GMLRS and ATACMS Block I missiles with ranges of … Read more

US ‘hell’ missiles were launched into the war in Ukraine?

The US “inferno” missile was first used in Ukraine, information published by Russian media shows the remnants of this extremely dangerous missile. Neither Washington nor Kiev have commented on the information yet.  Neither the United States nor Ukraine has commented on the Russian media reports yet. Before that, there was no official confirmation that Washington had delivered … Read more

The HIMARS complex destroys targets 500 km away thanks to the powerful JFS-M cruise missile

Europe’s MBDA consortium is developing a new weapon for the HIMARS and M270 complexes, the Joint Fire Support Missile – aka the JFS-M cruise missile. In fact, the purpose of MBDA is to extend the range of these MLRS launchers, in the same way that Lockheed Martin is currently deploying, as they develop the Long … Read more

These Chinese missiles are reported to be capable of destroying a US Navy aircraft carrier from a distance of 3,000 kilometres.

The US has sent ships to the waters around Taiwan in the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to that country. China may have the largest navy in the world, but it falls short of the US in terms of might. For this reason, it has been concentrating on creating “carrier-killers.” Beijing is aware that its … Read more

Zircon technology likely to form the base for BrahMos II

According to Atul Rane, Operations Director for BrahMos Aerospace, the BrahMos-II cruise missile’s supersonic variant will likely share many technological characteristics with the Zircon (Tsirkon) missile’s hypersonic variant. India’s Defense Research and Development Organization and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyeniya collaborated to create the BrahMos missile (DRDO). In 2001, the first test launch occurred. This missile has … Read more

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