Discover true power of the S-400 air defense system

According to Insider, the finest air defence system in the world is Russia’s S-400 Triumf, also known as SA-21 in the NATO alliance. It is claimed that this missile complex can shoot down any adversary, including fighters, drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The Russian missile complex reportedly includes a radar system that can detect … Read more

Germany is willing to sell 11 IRIS-T SLM surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine for a price of 1,500,000,000 euros; the deal might take five years

Ukraine intends to purchase a sophisticated IRIS-T SLM air defence system from Germany, according to the German newspaper Welt. What is known 11 units totaling 1,500,000,000 euros are at issue. They want to purchase them straight from Diehl Defense, the producer. The source claims that Ukraine asked for an export permit at the beginning of … Read more

Indonesia is considering purchasing BrahMos missiles from India.

Following the Philippines, Indonesia will be the second Asean nation to buy Indian-made missiles. Another export order for the shore-based anti-ship BrahMos cruise missile before year’s end will give India’s Act East Policy a boost. To Military Cognizance, sources have confirmed The Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is being exported, and talks with Indonesia are … Read more

The “flying Chernobyl” Russia continues to test Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile

A nuclear-powered cruise missile with a “unlimited” range is called the Burevestnik (SSC-X-9 Skyfall). According to reports, Russia successfully tested the missile in January 2019. Despite the obvious danger this weapon poses, the Russian military will keep testing the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile with the intention of deploying it in 2027. Russia has been concentrating … Read more

The United States has just completed two successful hypersonic missile tests.

Following some high-profile failures, US hypersonic testing yields some extremely positive results. The AGM-183A hypersonic missile test took held on July 12 in the airspace off the US state of California, but the results weren’t made public until the following day. The AGM-183A missile was successfully fired from a B-52 bomber for the second time; … Read more

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