Russia’s 100-shot, 100-hit artillery: A weapon against Western tanks?

Military analysts claim that the Krasnopol artillery round, which resembles a missile in certain ways, can destroy Western tanks provided to Ukraine. Videos of Krasnopol artillery shells striking enemy strongholds and armoured objects while on duty in Ukraine were recently broadcast by Russia. Krasnopol was mentioned as one of the weapons that can counter these … Read more

The reactor of the British nuclear submarine is glued together!

Defense officials in the United Kingdom demanded an immediate investigation after British media reported that one of the nation’s nuclear submarines had been reattached using super glue. After finding that a Trident submarine had been inappropriately repaired, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace commissioned an immediate investigation. The findings of routine inspections revealed that some of … Read more

According to Zelensky, Ukraine needs 500 tanks.

In light of the fact that many relief supplies still have not reached Kyiv, President Zelensky stated that Ukraine needed 300 to 500 tanks for the counteroffensive campaign. “300–500 tanks are what we’ll need. For a counteroffensive on its own territory, I think Ukraine needs a lot of tanks. To protect our forces, we need … Read more

NATO is ready for the scenario of direct confrontation with Russia

A senior NATO official said the alliance is ready for a scenario of direct confrontation with Russia if Moscow crosses a “red line”. In an interview with Portuguese media on January 28, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, recalled that during a summit last year in Madrid, the alliance decided to create … Read more

Ukraine denies attempting to acquire 24 F-16 fighter planes.

The Ukrainian Air Force denied pressing the West to send 24 F-16 jets, claiming that the negotiations are still ongoing. “Regarding the aircraft, Ukraine is at the negotiation stage. The kind and quantity have not been determined, “Yuri Ignat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, stated on January 28. The declaration was made the … Read more

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