What if Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine with nuclear weapons?

According to Al-Jazeera, The Russian president may not deploy nuclear weapons, but there are a few possibilities that could happen. Deep debate over how the West would react has been ignited by President Vladimir Putin’s veiled threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if Russian “territorial integrity” is threatened. On Wednesday, the Russian president declared … Read more

Why should NATO be afraid of Russia’s Yasen-M class nuclear submarines?

The Russian Defense Ministry said on September 16 that the Yasen-M class nuclear submarine launched a missile in the harsh Arctic environment, a move that took place within the framework of military exercises aimed at controlling Check military readiness in this area. The live-fire exercise, using Granit and Oniks anti-ship missiles, was conducted in the … Read more

In the Kharkov province, Russia claimed to have killed more than 450 Ukrainian soldiers.

In the combat in the Kharkov area, Russia reports that its troops killed more than 450 Ukrainian soldiers as well as numerous hostile equipment and weaponry. The positions of Ukrainian military troops and reserve forces in the Kharkov region were raided by the Russian air force, missile forces, and artillery, according to a report from … Read more

The US revealed that it had improved the Harpoon anti-ship missile before transferring it to Ukraine

US Deputy Defense Secretary Bill LaPlante said that the US had upgraded the Harpoon anti-ship missile before transferring it to Ukraine for ukraine russian conflicts. Harpoon anti-ship missile is one of the powerful weapons transferred by the US to Ukraine to help the country fight against Russia’s special military operation. According to military time zulu … Read more

Russia has warned that if Britain continues to violate the air border, it would pay a high price.

The Russian Federation’s State Duma issued a warning to London that if it continued to violate Russia’s air border, London would be the first city to be hit by rockets in the event of a full-scale conflict. The British Army’s breach of Russia’s air border would be met with brutal retaliation, especially if a strong … Read more