19 Nations, One Mission: British Special Forces’ Classified Operations Exposed

In a covert operation spanning from 2011 till present, Britain’s elite special forces infiltrated the shadows of 19 nations, including Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and the depths of Sudan’s treacherous terrain. In a startling revelation, the charity Action against Armed Violence (AOAV) has unveiled a clandestine world of British special forces. The report claims that … Read more

In Avdeevka the UK claims that Russia lost a significant number of tanks.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the lack of strategy in the frontal charge caused the Russian regiment to lose a significant number of tanks on the battlefield in Avdeevka. The 10th Panzer Regiment of Russia, which is attempting to encircle Avdeevka from the south, could suffer significant tank losses. One of the first … Read more

Depleted uranium rounds are capable of being intercepted by Russian Afghanit!

Although depleted uranium rounds are now considered to be the most lethal, analysts think it won’t be too difficult for Russia to intercept them. After Britain said it will give the Ukrainian Army Challenger 2 tanks and depleted uranium ammo, Lenta daily revealed information based on sources in the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian Military … Read more

Saab Group has increased NLAW rocket production to 400 thousand rockets per year.

Following a significant manufacturing increase announced by Saab Group, the NLAW rocket will become the most produced anti-tank weapon in history. The NLAW missile is an exceptionally powerful anti-tank weapon developed jointly by the United Kingdom and Sweden and manufactured by Saab Corporation. It has numerous innovative tactical features. The unique characteristic of NLAW is … Read more

Russia’s 100-shot, 100-hit artillery: A weapon against Western tanks?

Military analysts claim that the Krasnopol artillery round, which resembles a missile in certain ways, can destroy Western tanks provided to Ukraine. Videos of Krasnopol artillery shells striking enemy strongholds and armoured objects while on duty in Ukraine were recently broadcast by Russia. Krasnopol was mentioned as one of the weapons that can counter these … Read more

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