Russia launches Moskit supersonic anti-ship missiles at a dummy target in the Sea of Japan.

The Russian navy practised and fired Moskit supersonic anti-ship missiles at a dummy target in the Sea of Japan, according to the Russian Defense Ministry on March 28. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed in a statement on the social media platform Telegram that “Missile ships of the Pacific Fleet fired Moskit supersonic anti-ship missiles at … Read more

Russia doubles the number of warships in the Black Sea, indicating intensified attack.

Russia reportedly quadrupled the amount of vessels in the Black Sea on February 24, indicating that it may be getting ready to intensify its missile and drone attacks, according to Ukraine’s Southern Operations Command. Eight warships are currently deployed, one of which is a missile boat equipped with eight Kalibr cruise missiles, according to the … Read more

Russia decommissioned the world’s largest nuclear submarine.

The Dmitry Donskoy nuclear-powered strategic submarine, which was formerly a part of Moscow’s powerful weapons delivery system, has been decommissioned, according to the Russian Navy. According to Vladimir Maltsev, head of the Russian Naval Support Movement, the Dmitry Donskoy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (NATO designation Typhoon) had been decommissioned. The fate of the submarine Dmitry … Read more

The reactor of the British nuclear submarine is glued together!

Defense officials in the United Kingdom demanded an immediate investigation after British media reported that one of the nation’s nuclear submarines had been reattached using super glue. After finding that a Trident submarine had been inappropriately repaired, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace commissioned an immediate investigation. The findings of routine inspections revealed that some of … Read more

Russia has developed the first batch of the deadly Poseidon nuclear-capable super torpedoes.

Russia has developed the world’s first nuclear-capable Poseidon super torpedo for use on the Belgorod submarine. According to an unknown defence source reported in Military Cognizance on January 16, “the first batch of Poseidon torpedoes has been created, and the Belgorod submarine will receive them in the near future.” President Vladimir Putin first revealed details … Read more

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