The US revealed that it had improved the Harpoon anti-ship missile before transferring it to Ukraine

US Deputy Defense Secretary Bill LaPlante said that the US had upgraded the Harpoon anti-ship missile before transferring it to Ukraine for ukraine russian conflicts. Harpoon anti-ship missile is one of the powerful weapons transferred by the US to Ukraine to help the country fight against Russia’s special military operation. According to military time zulu … Read more

Russia’s severe vulnerability in the Far East is revealed by the US nuclear submarines’ intrusion.

Russian Pacific Fleet is extremely vulnerable to US nuclear submarines of the fourth generation. In February of this year, an American nuclear submarine of the Virginia class violated Russia’s maritime borders and secretly observed Pacific Fleet manoeuvres, which alarmed Moscow. After being discovered, the American submarine ignored the request from the Russian side, even it … Read more

India has put its first homegrown aircraft carrier into service.

In an endeavour to advance its naval prowess and defence autonomy, India commissioned its first homegrown aircraft carrier, the Vikrant. “This is a significant accomplishment and a historic day. It serves as an illustration of the government’s efforts to make India independent in the military industry “At the ceremony on September 2, the aircraft carrier … Read more

The US sent an amphibious assault ship to Russia’s armpit

The US Navy said it sent the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge to the Baltic Sea to “strengthen relationships with allied nations and partners in the region”. The USS Kearsarge will continue to undertake several missions in the Baltic Sea and engage in joint training exercises with the Finnish army following the successful combat training … Read more

The United States is preparing to send warships and aircraft into the Taiwan Strait.

The White House stated that it would send forces across the Taiwan Strait “in the coming weeks” and expressed its desire to avoid a crisis. In accordance with US policy of preserving international law and freedom of the seas, we will undertake air and marine navigation over the Taiwan Strait in the coming weeks. John … Read more