Ukraine believes that Russian tactics can be used for the next big battle

Instead of seeking to control all of Ukraine, Russia is expected to choose the targeted battlefield in the upcoming potential offensive campaign. In an interview with the Ukrainska Pravda news site on February 6, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that he believes Russia will carry out a new attack as soon as this February, … Read more

Brain war on the Ukrainian border front

Ukrainian units are deployed to monitor the northern region due to concerns about the risk of Russia launching an offensive operation from Belarusian territory. Every day, reconnaissance drones take off several times from Ukrainian positions deep in the jungle, moving across the border into Belarus, monitoring both in the sky and on the ground for … Read more

Ukraine predicts that Russia will hit big after February 15

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is likely to launch a new large-scale attack in the coming days and Kyiv is ready for this scenario. According to the Financial Times, Ukraine has obtained very reliable intelligence and Russia is preparing to launch a new attack within the next 10 days. The source said that this Russian offensive … Read more

Will Ukraine be able to defeat the Russian Su-35 with the French Mirage 2000?

Can French Mirage-2000 aircraft help the Ukrainian military defeat the Russian Air Force in the skies above Ukraine? According to British media, Ukraine is actively looking for Western combat planes. The Mirage 2000C versions, which the French Air Force will formally stop employing in June 2022, are most likely to be sent to Ukraine if … Read more

Russia pointed out the “dead grave” of the German tank that is about to be transferred to Ukraine

A major Russian military-industrial corporation claims that, although Leopard 2 is a sophisticated and well-protected machine, it is not invincible. Leopard 2 ‘s “Death Grave” Rostec, a Russian military-industrial complex, told TASS news agency on February 1 that the German-made Leopard 2 tanks that some NATO countries have pledged to aid Ukraine can easily be destroyed … Read more

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