Su-57 and K-77M are the key to the “revival” of the Russian Air Force

When equipped with K-77M missiles, the power of Su-57 will be greatly increased and this will make more countries want to buy Russian fighters. The Su-57 is currently considered a fifth-generation fighter and tests many of the sixth-generation technologies, including hypersonic missiles, advanced forms of artificial intelligence, integrated flight capabilities, and control drone escort. The Su-57 will … Read more

Russia’s Krasukha forced British reconnaissance aircraft to withdraw from Ukraine

Russia’s Krasuha electronic warfare system forced British reconnaissance aircraft to withdraw from Ukrainian airspace;. Russia’s Krasukha electronic warfare system, forced the British Air Force reconnaissance aircraft, to interrupt its reconnaissance action and withdraw from the skies of Ukraine. As is customary, Britain will follow the US, to conduct reconnaissance actions on Ukrainian territory and along … Read more

Questions raised over US’s most advanced carrier’s air defence capability

A new assessment of the “several design flaws” of the US$13 billion USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier is raising concerns within the Pentagon. The RT channel (Russia) said the new assessment emphasized that the USS Gerald R. Ford “has not yet shown its effectiveness in defending against anti-ship missiles and other threats”. Bloomberg news … Read more

Russia’s ‘doomsday’ weapon can lie in ambush deep on the ocean floor

Russia’s “doomsday” weapon – Poseidon nuclear torpedo (also known as Status-6) will have a special version. The Indian publication EurAsian Times revealed that Russia’s project to build a nuclear unmanned underwater vehicle named Poseidon has entered its final stage. And the Poseidon nuclear torpedo will become much more dangerous than it is now thanks to new … Read more

The penetration of US nuclear submarines shows Russia’s major vulnerability in the Far East

Russia’s Pacific fleet is very vulnerable to fourth-generation US nuclear submarines, On February 12, an American nuclear submarine of the Virginia class violated Russia’s maritime borders and secretly observed the exercises of the Pacific Fleet, which made Moscow very worried. After being discovered, the American submarine ignored the request from the Russian side, even it … Read more

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