Little is known about Russia’s nuclear reaction mechanism, dubbed “Death Hand.”

Without the need for human intervention, this system can unleash hundreds of nuclear missiles at adversaries. Russian forces have 700 nuclear weapons “carriers,” including strategic bombers, nuclear submarines, and missile silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Few people are aware, however, that one of them may operate autonomously and attack dangerous enemy objectives even if the … Read more

Electronic warfare – secrets in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Electronic warfare is a significant part of the Russia-Ukraine conflict that is rarely discussed. And neither Russia nor Ukraine’s capability in this area is known. The simple act of turning on a cell phone on the Ukrainian battlefield might signify an avalanche of onslaughts. “Rain of bombs and firestorms” can also be caused by anti-artillery … Read more

For the first time, a B-52 bomber successfully launched a hypersonic missile.

The AGM-183 hypersonic missile was successfully launched for the first time by a US B-52 aircraft, overcoming the weapon’s earlier failures in tests. The AGM-183A supersonic missile was tested last weekend in the airspace off the coast of California, but the results were only released today. The projectile’s quick thrust stage engages and operates within … Read more

Ukraine claimed the annihilation of the Russian command post.

During the combat in the southern city of Kherson, the Ukrainian military claimed to have destroyed the command center of Russia’s 49th Army. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s intelligence service stated on April 23 that the operation was carried out after the Ukrainian army discovered the command center of the Russian 49th Combined Army near … Read more

From MiG to Su, Tu, and Yak, why does Russia frequently name aircraft in “anomalous” ways?

We frequently hear about Russian aircraft such as the Su-35, MiG-29, and Tu-160. However, few people understand why they are named in such an unusual manner. Famous Russian planes frequently have names that are too short, or even strange. What is the origin of these names? MIG MiG is a well-known fighter line in the … Read more