Having stationed almost 700 combat aircraft close to the Ukrainian border, is Russia now starting a new offensive?

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, more than 760 different types of warplanes from the Russian military have been stationed near to Ukraine’s border. “More than 400 fighters and other combat aircraft have been stationed by the Russian military not far from the Ukrainian border. Additionally, there are roughly 360 Russian helicopters stationed throughout Ukraine, … Read more

Massive explosions in Kiev, Ukraine urges people to evacuate immediately

A number of significant explosions were heard in the Kiev region early this morning amid worries that Russia may be preparing to intensify its current onslaught on the nation. The Vyshgorod neighbourhood, located north of Kiev’s capital, experienced numerous significant explosions about three in the morning this morning, according to a warning from the Ukrainian … Read more

Russian strategic bombers reportedly entered ADIZ, according to South Korea

When two Russian strategic bombers entered South Korea’s air defence identification zone, the south korea’s military there sent out fighter fighters to deal with the situation. After spotting two Russian aircraft entering the nation’s air defence identification zone, South Korea’s military announced today that “tactical steps” have been taken to protect against unforeseen circumstances (ADIZ). … Read more

Ukraine annihilated Zoopark-1M, Russia’s “Eye of God.”

The modern anti-aircraft radar Zoopark-1M of Russia was reportedly destroyed by the Ukrainian army on August 19 in the Zaporizhzhia area, according to the Ukraine Defense publication. an anti-artillery radar system called zoopark-1m was created by the almaz-antey company in russia and has been used by the russian army since 2007. by automatically locating enemy … Read more

Over 100 foreign mercenaries died as a result of Russia’s heavy shelling of Kharkov.

In order to degrade Ukrainian forces and stop Kiev from utilising Kharkov as a launchpad for a counterattack in other areas, Russia is stepping up its shelling of Kharkov. The Russian Air Force’s aircraft precisely hit “the positions of Kraken forces and mercenary units,” according to Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, … Read more

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