The United States has approved the sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Bulgaria.

The sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Bulgaria for $1.67 billion has been approved by the US Department of Defense to strengthen the country’s air force. “By allowing Bulgaria to regularly deploy modern fighters in the Black Sea, the proposed sale will improve its ability to respond to current and future threats,” said the … Read more

Features of the Switchblade ‘killer UAV’ provided by the US to Ukraine

The Switchblade UAV is known as the “suicide killer” because it is only used once but can cause significant damage to infantry or armoured vehicles. On March 30, US officials confirmed that the US had included 100 Switchblade killer drones in a massive arms aid package to Ukraine approved by President Joe Biden earlier this … Read more

A squadron of US EA-18G electronic warfare fighters has been stationed In Germany

The US has sent a squadron of six EA-18G electronic warfare fighters to Germany in order to improve deterrence and defence along NATO’s eastern flank. On March 28, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated that the EA-18G Growler squadron and 240 US Navy service members sent to Germany “will not be intended to counter Russian forces … Read more

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