Donetsk officials: Russia broke the attacks, causing heavy damage to Ukraine

A pro-Russian official in Donetsk says that the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded in the region is 10 times and in some cases 30, that of Moscow.

Tass reported that the leader of the pro-Russian government in Donetsk Denis Pushilin on July 6 said that Russian casualties in this area were 1/10, and sometimes 1/30, compared to Ukraine.

“On various front-line areas, the Russian-Ukrainian casualty ratio is 1/10 and sometimes 1/30. Russia also recorded wounded and killed soldiers,” he said.  

Ukraine has not yet commented on this figure.

Previously, Russia repeatedly stated that Ukraine had suffered heavy losses in terms of manpower and military equipment in the first phase of the counter-offensive campaign. Ukraine admits its progress is relatively slow, but emphasizes that this is only the first phase and Kiev will open a big battle in the future.

According to Mr. Pushilin, Ukraine’s counter-offensive has not achieved the expected important results, but Kiev has suffered damage in terms of military equipment from Western aid.

He predicted Ukraine will continue to launch counter-attacks against Russia ahead of the NATO summit on July 11-12.

According to him, Russian forces were able to break Ukraine’s advances in frontline areas and gain more territory from Kiev. 

Russia won more “pan of fire” near Bakhmut

Pushilin announced that Russia today took control of another flashpoint near Bakhmut, while continuing to gain momentum in another Ukrainian stronghold in Donetsk.

Specifically, the pro-Russian official said that Moscow had completely controlled the Kleshcheyevka area south of Artyomovsk (Ukraine called Bakhmut).

“The situation here is very tense. In fact, the enemy got quite close to the Russian forces, but the Moscow side took the correct action. Yesterday, when I called the headquarters, everything was under control. The whole of Kleshcheyevka is already under Russian control,” he said.

Earlier, a source told Tass that Russian forces repelled a targeted Ukrainian attack on Kleshcheyevka. Aviation and artillery were deployed to repel the Kiev side.

In addition, according to Pushilin, Russia has advanced 300 meters through the jungle in the Ugledar region (Ukraine called Vuhledar).

“Russian soldiers have moved 300 meters forward through the forest belts in the Ugledar region, one of the most complicated directions today,” he said, noting that Ukraine is focusing on carrying out attacks in accordance with this direction.

On July 3, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive had not achieved its goal in any direction.

“In general, the enemy failed to achieve their goals in any direction. This proves the skill of our soldiers and clearly the expectations of Western weapons have been greatly exaggerated,” Shoigu said.

According to Russian officials, Moscow caused Ukraine to lose 920 armored vehicles in the Donbas and Zaporizhia regions last month.

In total, the Russian official said, Ukraine has lost 2,500 different weapons in all directions of attack since June 4. In addition, the Russian air defense intercepted 158 missiles of the US-made HIMARS multiple-launch missile system and 25 Storm Shadow cruise missiles in the past month, Shoigu said.

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