How Modern Tech is Shaping The Defense Arena?

Tech has been a part of defense and military operations forever now.

In fact, with the improvement of tech, the standard military operations have also been elevated and amplified – allowing defense personnel to leverage the right kind of equipment in unique situations.

Modern Tech has had a significant influence on defense.

But where are we headed with this and how much of a scope does it lay down for the defense arena?

We will answer all these questions in this blog post.

How Modern Tech is Growing?
The US tech market alone accounts for 35% of the total world market.

Big players like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have significantly together contributed to the growing industry trends.

The rise of SpaceX, Tesla, and other domains has spread into everything around us.

Modern tech is the ruler of the digital universe. With the influence and technological advancements they have over the market, of course, their impact has spread to the defense arena too.

Because of the emerging tech that includes robotics and artificial intelligence, everything from the firmware to the equipment of defense around the world has been improvised.

Fusing Defense and Modern Tech – The Outcome
The collaboration between Modern Tech and defense companies isn’t just about cool gadgets – it’s a lot more than that!

With the growth in AI, defense systems have started to get smarter and more efficient.

So how does it exactly work in practicality?

Talking about AI only, it can now analyze significant amounts of data, identify the data patterns – and ultimately make informed decisions.
Data Analytics further predicts and prevents potential threats by analyzing patterns and trends by data.
Finally, robotics and other automation systems have the potential to make decisions about military operations.

Major Advancements in Defense
The collaboration between Modern Tech and defense is becoming more common with every passing day.

Companies including Google and Microsoft work closely with military organizations to develop cutting-edge technologies.

Here are some examples:

1. Self Steering Bullets
A .50 caliber bullet is considered to be fatal enough. Packing a self-steering ability with them can make a mediocre shooter seem like a trained sniper.

DARPA is working on the EXACTO project to build such bullets. Even though it’s still in theory yet, it won’t be a surprise when it’s built practically too.

2. Unmanned Submarine Hunter
With more countries deploying ultraquiet submarines that go undetected, this concept has been in the works for a while now.

The project, managed by DARPA, is also known as Sea Hunter. You can think of it like an aquatic drone that goes unnoticed every time while attacking its enemies too.

The submarine is equipped with sonar, radar, and a variety of other synthetic vision systems.

3. Laser Cannons
The creation of laser cannons definitely seemed like a far-fetched idea – until it wasn’t.

Laser cannons were tested by the Navy. After its successful trial, the Navy expects to deploy even larger laser weapons across different echelons of the defense protocols.

Boeing and the army on the ground as also working on laser-mounted trucks and drones – all guided by software that requires less human intervention.

Even though these technological advancements have spread out significantly in the defense area too, ensuring proper regulation and oversight are also equally mandatory – so as to ensure general safety.

With the popularity of modern tech, military blogs are also creating a life of its own. There are a variety of military blogs that regularly (and organically) reach out to a wide audience by adhering to important SEO principles and gaining more visibility.

The Future of The Modern Tech And Defense
According to the current trends, it seems that we will witness more innovation in the coming years when it comes to the use cases of tech in defense.

However, in this case, public opinion and government policy will also play a crucial role in shaping the future of the influence of tech in the defense arena.

We only hope that the current advancements pave the way for a more secure future when it comes to defense.

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