In the Eye of the Storm: Ukraine Faces Triple Assault as Russia Boosts Missile Production

According to Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces have escalated their offensive operations in three significant regions, namely Kupyansk, Avdiivka, and Marinka.

According to a report by Malyar quoted by, the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, particularly in Kharkiv and near Kupyansk, remains highly tense due to ongoing fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops.

Malyar’s report suggests that the Ukrainian army is currently facing attacks from the Russian army in Bakhmut. Despite the challenging circumstances, the Ukrainian army is determined to continue their defensive actions.

In contrast, President Vladimir Putin has stated that the initiation of the Russian offensive demonstrates that the Ukrainian armed forces have lost their momentum in counter-attacks and have been compelled to adopt a defensive stance.

Putin remarked, “The latest updates from the Northern Military District indicate that over the past 1.5 months, the Ukrainian armed forces have been unable to breach the defenses of the Russian army.”

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Russia is planning to double its production of cruise and ballistic missiles by 2023. If we consider that 512 Russian missiles were produced in 2022, the projection suggests that 1061 missiles are expected to be manufactured in 2023. These missiles include models such as the Kh-101, 9M728, and 9M729 for the Iskander and Kh-47M2 Dagger complexes.

Experts from Western nations claim that Russia has managed to adapt to sanctions and overcome the challenge of missing missile components by substituting them with similar parts, including some sourced from foreign countries.

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