Former NATO commander in Europe believes in Russia’s victory

General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO forces in Europe, believes that Russia has enough potential to inflict heavy damage on Ukraine, forcing Kiev to request an armistice. Recently, General Wesley Clark, the former commander of NATO forces in Europe, commented in an interview on CNN television that Kiev’s request for a ceasefire or even … Read more

Ukraine is about to have air defense missiles twice the range of the S-300?

Will the S-300 double-range air defense missile that a special partner can provide help Ukraine in protecting the sky? The Ukrainian military is likely to receive S-200 complexes from Bulgaria, which is a type of air defense missile with twice the range of the S-300 that the Kyiv armed forces possess. Bulgaria will start supplying … Read more

China’s JH-XX 6th generation stealth bomber surprised the West

The mysterious Chinese JH-XX stealth bomber model displayed at the Zhuhai Airshow has attracted great attention from the Western press. JH-XX (H-18) stealth bomber was introduced as China’s 6th generation fighter, what do we know about this vehicle up to now? Military aviation news website Deagle recently provided some details: “The JH-XX is a new generation … Read more

Will the Battle of Bakhmut determine the fate of Ukraine?

The battle of Bakhmut could become a trap for the Ukrainian Army and force the Kyiv government to negotiate with Russia in the event of major losses. Unlike what happened in Kherson, the battle of Bakhmut (also known as Artemovsk by the Kyiv government) according to some world military experts, the situation is proving very … Read more

The Ukrainian army is preparing a massive assault on Svatovo with specialised weapons.

A special weapon is likely to be unleashed by the Ukrainian Army in the battle to capture the city of Svatovo. Possibly planning a significant assault on the city of Svatovo is the Ukrainian Army Command. The most elite units and numerous heavy combat vehicles, according to sources, are being gathered. For instance, the Ukrainian … Read more

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