Following the Philippines, Indonesia is looking to purchase the world’s fastest cruise missile BrahMos.

The world’s fastest cruise missile, the BrahMos, is made by a joint venture between Russia and India. Atul D. Rane reports that the defense business BrahMos Aerospace anticipates concluding a deal this year to sell Indonesia supersonic cruise missiles for at least $200 million. Atul D. Rane, director of BrahMos Aerospace, stated that the company … Read more

Russia doubles production of precision-guided missiles

Russia will double the production of precision-guided missiles as the conflict in Ukraine continues to drag on. Newsweek reported that during a visit to Russia’s Tactical Missile Corporation in Moscow on March 14, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu directed to double the production of precision-guided weapons. “The main task now is to double production. I think … Read more

Wagner forces claim control of logistics center in Donetsk

The private military company Wagner claims to have taken control of an important Ukrainian logistics center in Donetsk. In a statement issued on March 15, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of Russia’s private military company Wagner, announced that the company’s soldiers had taken control of the village of Zaliznyanskoye, a logistics hub. and important transshipment of Ukrainian … Read more

Russia’s pressure tactics in the battleground of Bakhmut

Russia used massive firepower to pressure Ukrainian forces in the city of Bakhmut in the battle for the Eastern front. Russian forces have stepped up their attacks on Bakhmut since mid-January after taking control of the nearby salt mining town of Soledar, which is about 15km northeast of Bakhmut. Ukrainian soldiers fighting in and around … Read more

Germany, and Britain launch fighter jets to intercept Russian planes

British and German warplanes have been ordered to sort out to intercept a Moscow plane near Estonian airspace, amid growing fears of a confrontation in the skies near Russia and Ukraine. This incident happened on March 14, just hours after the US military lost a surveillance drone (UAV) in the Black Sea following an encounter … Read more

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