Poland considers shooting down Russian missiles over Ukrainian airspace

Poland announced that it is considering using its air defense system to shoot Moscow missiles flying over Ukrainian airspace.

Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Pawel Wronski said the plan to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine using Warsaw’s air defense system is being considered. Still, the NATO country has not made any specific decisions.

“This (Poland shooting down a Russian missile) is being considered from a legal and technical point of view, but no decision has been made on this issue,” official Wronski told Ukrinform news agency.

He also rejected the plan to bring Polish air defense systems to Ukraine. “Poland’s air defense system can’t be outside the country’s borders,” the diplomat emphasized.

On May 20, in an interview with Reuters, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on neighboring NATO member countries to shoot down Russian targets in Ukrainian airspace.

A day later, Mr. Zelensky continued to ask NATO member countries to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine and said that this move could not be considered war against Russia. 

“What’s the problem here? Why can’t we shoot down those missiles? Is it defense? Yes. Is it an attack on Russia? No. You’re shooting down machines flying Russia and shooting down Russian pilots? No. So is there any problem? “Mr. Zelensky said.

In recent times, some politicians in NATO countries have called on the alliance to shoot down Russian missiles and UAVs over Ukrainian airspace. However, no decision on this has yet been made.

Earlier this month, several German lawmakers from both the ruling party and the opposition supported the idea of ​​NATO helping protect western Ukraine’s airspace from attacks from Russia. Interception of Russian missiles and UAVs will be carried out from NATO territory, the parliamentarians emphasized.

In March, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Szejna said that NATO was considering shooting down any Russian missiles near member countries’ borders.

“NATO is analyzing various options, including the option that such missiles should be shot down when they are close to NATO borders, but this would have to be done with the consent of the Ukrainian side and with Taking into account the international consequences, then NATO missiles will hit Russian missiles outside the alliance’s territory,” the Polish diplomat said.

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