Poland plans to spend 2.5 billion USD to build a shield to protect its borders with Russia and Belarus

Poland will build a series of projects on the border with Belarus and Russia in the context of tensions in this area escalating recently.

By 2028, Poland is expected to complete the construction of fortifications, detection and warning systems, advanced bases, logistics centers, and drone countermeasures systems on the border with Russia. and Belarus.

“We have to protect about 700km of border, including 400km with Belarus… We want this project to be implemented immediately, it will start this year,” Cezary Tomczyk, Deputy Minister of Defense Poland, said.

He added that Poland wants to complete the project by 2028, at a cost of 10 billion zloty (more than 2.5 billion USD).

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland noted that this is the largest defense program of its kind since 1945. He expressed hope that this program will receive support from the entire Polish political elite, various organizations, local communities, and border residents.

The above official noted that, in addition to the Ministry of National Defense, the program will have the participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the Ministry of State Assets, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Economic Development Economics and Technology, as well as other organizations and local authorities.

The Ministry of National Defense will play a leading role in the intergovernmental group implementing the program. The Ministry of Interior and Administration will be responsible for protecting people and issues directly related to border security.

The program will use money from the Polish budget and largely from European funds.

Mr. Kosiniak-Kamysz said at the press conference announcing the plan: “The goal of the border shield is to protect Polish territory, hinder the ability of our opponents’ troops to move, and at the same time help the Our teams can maneuver more easily and protect civilians.”

Tensions between Poland Russia and Belarus have increased in recent years, with Warsaw being one of Kiev’s strongest supporters in its war with Moscow.

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