Powerful Russian 3-ton super smart bomb

Ukrainian media reported that Russia may have deployed the FAB-3000 super bomb weighing up to 3 tons for the first time in the conflict between the two sides.

Kyiv Independent quoted Russian sources as saying that Moscow may have used the FAB-3000 super glide bomb in the war with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian news site cited a video they described from a pro-Russian news channel showing Moscow’s bomber dropping a FAB-3000 on the village of Liptsy, Kharkov.

If this information is accurate, this incident marks the first time Russia has used an FAB-3000 equipped with a UMPK locator in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian newspapers, Russia is increasing attacks on Kharkov with smart glide bombs. Russia announced that it aims to create a buffer zone in Kharkov to prevent its territory from being attacked by Ukraine.

On May 5, Kharkiv police said that Russia appeared to have attacked Ukraine for the first time with a FAB-1500 bomb fitted with a UMPK. This is a version that is only half as light as FAB-3000.

In March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had begun mass production of the FAB-3000 bomb.

According to Russian media, the FAB-3000 bomb weighs more than 3 tons and contains 1.2 tons of explosives. The basic version of this bomb will be equipped on Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and several other aircraft.

Dropped from a height of up to 16km, the FAB-3000 bomb can reach a flight speed of up to 1,200km/h and an estimated range of 60-70km.

In addition, this bomb line is also equipped with a unified glide and control module (UMPK) to optimize applicability with long-range and flexible navigation capabilities, helping the bomb accurately strike the target. than. 

In April, Sputnik quoted former CIA intelligence analyst Larry Johnson as saying: “The 3-ton FAB-3000 bombs could be the factor that changes the outcome of the Ukraine conflict.”

This expert explained: “These FAB-3000 bombs can destroy bridges, one of which is the bridge across the Dnieper River built by the Ukrainian army. When these structures are collapsed, the supply line between the command in Ukraine and the army in the east of this area will also be cut off.”

Besides, Mr. Johnson also pointed out that the FAB-3000 can “penetrate defense emplacements”. This means that Ukraine cannot choose to hide inside trenches and bunkers and wait for the opportunity to suddenly attack Russia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Viktor Litovkin, a veteran Russian military officer and journalist, said: “This type of bomb can attack sturdy trenches or command points and warehouses reinforced with steel. underground concrete. They can penetrate targets, explode, and destroy everything. Of course, they can also attack enemy personnel and military equipment strong and have great destructive power,” Mr. Litovkin described.

According to him, thanks to UMPK, the FAB-3000 drop plane can avoid flying into the coverage area of ​​enemy air defense forces, drop bombs, cause damage, and complete the mission.

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