Russia accuses the CIA of helping Ukraine recruit mercenaries from the US and Canada

Russia accuses the CIA and private military companies managed by the CIA of promoting the recruitment of mercenaries in the US and Canada to assist Ukraine in its war with Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on July 10 that Ukraine is increasing its efforts to recruit mercenaries in the United States and Canada. Russia accuses the CIA and its affiliated private military companies of supporting the operation.

According to the Russian side, because mercenaries in Poland, Great Britain and a number of other European countries have reduced interest in going to Ukraine to fight, Kiev’s activity to recruit forces in the US and UK has increased during the period. via.

Russia said that foreign mercenaries in Ukraine have only two options, one is to leave the Eastern European country, the other is to be eliminated on the battlefield. Moscow has warned that it will continue its efforts to eliminate foreign mercenaries regardless of where they are deployed in Ukraine.  

The Russian Defense Ministry said today that 4,845 foreign mercenaries have been killed in the more than a year-old conflict between Moscow and Ukraine. The majority of them are US, Canadian and European nationals, according to Moscow.

Meanwhile, Russia says 4,801 mercenaries have left Ukraine. In addition, there are 2,029 mercenaries still fighting in Ukrainian forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the Russian side, since February last year, a total of 11,675 foreign mercenaries from 84 countries have come to Ukraine to join the fight against Russia. The largest number of mercenaries arrived in Ukraine between March and April 2022, but after facing setbacks on the battlefield at an early stage, this number has dropped sharply, Russia said.

“The largest groups are from Poland (more than 2,600 people), the US and Canada (over 900 people), Georgia (more than 800 people), the UK and Romania (700 or more people each), Croatia (more than 300 people) ), as well as from France and the Turkish-controlled area in Syria (over 200 people),” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Neither Ukraine nor the CIA have commented on the Russian statistics.

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