Russia announced to consider using cluster bombs in Ukraine

Russia has so far not used cluster bombs in its military campaign in Ukraine, but this decision may be reconsidered in the current situation, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“I want to point out the fact that we also have cluster munitions on our payroll. Up to now, for humanitarian reasons, we have not used them. However, we can reconsider our decision. this,” Minister Shoigu said at the 11th Moscow International Security Conference on August 15.

Cluster bombs are weapons with wide area damage, helping to hit multiple targets at the same time. However, these warheads also have a certain “flat” ratio. The spray can linger in the attacked lands and endanger people for decades to come. The use of cluster bombs has been banned by more than 120 countries globally.

Last month, the US announced it would send cluster bombs to Ukraine.┬áSome allies, including Germany, Britain, and Canada, objected to Washington’s move.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said that this was an extremely difficult decision and was carefully considered and consulted with allies. He supported the decision to supply cluster bombs to Ukraine because Kiev needed more ammunition to continue to repel the Russian military campaign.

The Washington Post on July 20 quoted an unnamed Ukrainian official as confirming that the country’s military had begun using cluster munitions against Russian forces in the south to penetrate the fortified Russian defenses that have slowed the momentum. Kiev’s counterattack. Cluster bombs were also used to destroy Russian trenches.

In late July, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that according to an initial assessment from Kiev, the Ukrainian military was using cluster bombs against Russian forces “quite effectively”.

Russia condemned the US decision and announced a corresponding response. Defense Minister Shoigu warned that US cluster bombs supplied to Kiev would prolong the conflict.

The head of the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly said that Western weapons only escalate and prolong the conflict, while not being able to turn the tide of the war. He believes that many weapons from the Soviet era are superior to those of the West in real combat conditions.

“We have data related to the destruction of German tanks, American armored vehicles, British missiles, and other weapons complexes. We are ready to share our assessment of the weakness of Western technology with other countries. partners,” said Minister Shoigu.

At today’s conference, Minister Shoigu also said that despite Western aid, Ukraine’s military resources are almost exhausted. He also said that the US is depleting the arsenal of global partners in the name of aid to Ukraine.

“In the name of supporting Ukraine, the US is wiping out the military depots of its partners in different parts of the world, promising in return modern Western equipment,” Shoigu said.

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