Russia declares readiness to confront NATO, warns of retaliation against Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia continues to cause heavy damage to Ukrainian forces during the special military operation.

“There are some changes now. They (the Ukrainian command force) use armored vehicles to send troops to the front line. After transferring the troops, this vehicle will disappear immediately. Obviously, they are keeping it. these vehicles for fear of losing them. And they attacked with infantry, leaving the soldiers exposed to the shells of Russian tanks and artillery,” Putin said at a press conference after meeting with experts. African leaders in St.¬†Petersburg on July 29.

Putin said that the change in Ukraine’s tactics is “certainly” related to the loss of armored vehicles.

“Since June 4 (when Ukraine started its counter-offensive operation), I estimate that 405 (Ukrainian) tanks have been lost. But this number is now 415. In addition, there are more than 1,300 armored vehicles. types (also destroyed),” Putin said, adding that of these devices, “about two-thirds are Western equipment.”

Putin said that the Ukrainian army not only suffered heavy losses on the battlefield but also faced difficulties in manpower. He said that, while holding the prisoners, Russia discovered that Ukraine had “established military units” consisting of aircraft technicians.

“What does that say? That their sources of mobilization are running out,” the Russian leader said.

Putin also pointed out that Kiev’s forces have lost dozens of Western armored vehicles, including the German-made Leopard 2 tank and the US-supplied Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

Putin stated that there have been no significant changes in the special military operation in Ukraine in the past two days.

“There have been no significant changes and I think this is because the enemy has withdrawn their assault units to places where they are restoring combat capabilities. They have suffered heavy losses both in terms of manpower. and equipment,” the Russian leader said.

According to President Putin, after the attack on the Crimean Bridge, the Russian armed forces carried out a series of attacks on the production and deployment of unmanned boats in Ukraine.

“The Russian armed forces have carried out a series of preventive attacks on the places where these unmanned boats are deployed and where they are manufactured,” Putin added.

President Putin confirmed that he has received proposals to improve the safety of the Crimean Bridge and that these proposals will be implemented.

The Kremlin boss also answered questions about recent encounters between Russian and American planes in Syria. Commenting on the possibility of direct confrontation between the Russian and NATO militaries, President Putin stated that Russia is “always ready for any scenario”.

“Nobody wants that,” Putin said, adding that current conflict-prevention boundaries allow Russian and American officers to talk directly about “any crisis situation.”

According to President Putin, the lines of communication are still active, which shows that neither side wants a conflict to break out. “We do not want (confrontation), but if someone wants, we are also ready,” Putin said.

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