Russia made the first detonating ammunition to destroy UAVs

Russia has for the first time successfully developed a controlled detonation warhead with a record small caliber of 23mm.

Sputnik on August 17, citing an informed source, said that this type of ammunition is expected to become Russia’s optimal weapon to deal with threats from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This weapon is expected to be tested and reach potential customer groups in the near future.

According to information at the International Military Forum 2023, the ultra-small size and controlled detonation mechanism will increase the attack efficiency of this warhead many times against targets such as helicopters, UAVs. or even enemy troops lurking on the ground.

The warhead is calculated by the fire control system to be able to detonate precisely at the moment of contact with the target, increasing the explosion effect and the shock wave that deals damage to the enemy. In addition, controlled detonation will help precise attacks and greatly reduce ammunition consumption.

The 23x152mm warhead was mainly used in the Soviet era to destroy air targets. Fire rate of 2,000 rounds per minute, range of 1.5km at altitude and 2.5km of long range.

In addition to this detonation warhead, currently, Russia continues to deploy a number of projects to modernize military technology in air defense – air force.

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