Russia makes fabric to help soldiers “invisibility” before thermal imaging equipment

Russia is creating a special 3-layer fabric that can help its soldiers become invisible to enemy thermal imaging cameras.

According to Tass, researchers at the Russian Armed Forces Military Academy for Biochemical Radiation Defense (RCBD) have developed a three-layer fabric capable of hiding soldiers from thermal imaging devices.

According to the document introduced at the Army-2023 military exhibition, this fabric consists of 3 layers: The innermost layer prevents infrared radiation from the user’s body; the middle layer absorbs infrared radiation; and the outer layer reflects infrared radiation from the environment.

“A fabric that has been fabricated and tested can completely hide a soldier’s tracks from thermal imaging devices and drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras,” the document reads.

In addition to the coating, the Russian scientists also created a vest, along with special goggles that can protect soldiers from thermal imaging reconnaissance devices. It will allow soldiers to monitor the enemy without being detected.

Previously, Russia already possessed technology to help stealth some weapons on the battlefield.

According to  Russia Beyond, Russia has mastered the camouflage technology dubbed “chameleon” by using an “electrochromic” layer – a material made up of composite materials that can change color and transparency when there is an active current.

The principle of operation of this camouflage layer is that the outside of the armored equipment will be covered with electrochromic plates, each of which will be connected to an electrical conductor. Using the camcorder, the system scans the entire surroundings.

At the same time, it will analyze the color and structure of the landscape and give instructions to the outer layer to create the right camouflage to help tanks and armor can blend into the terrain from the enemy. different viewing angles.

The principle of this camouflage is applied from nature, with a chameleon-like mechanism that changes the skin color to blend in with its surroundings.

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