Russia may be about to launch a full-scale counterattack

Russian forces are preparing to launch a decisive strike against the Ukrainian army on several main fronts, an official from the separatist government in Donetsk said.

While the Ukrainian army has not been able to succeed with the counter-offensive that has lasted for more than two months, Russian forces are said to be preparing for a decisive all-out offensive on the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia, and Zaporizhia fronts. Kherson.

Information about the Russian military’s preparations for an all-out offensive was revealed by Yan Gagin, an assistant to Denis Pushilin, the head of the Donetsk separatist government. Gagin did not specify, however, that Russia’s frontline positions have recently been significantly strengthened. Meanwhile, most of the reserves of the Ukrainian army were pushed back, and this created favorable conditions for Russia to start offensive operations.

It is likely that the main focus of this attack is to gain control of Donetsk and Lugansk. Controlling these two areas will help Russia prevent frequent shelling of major cities here.

Pro-Russian officials in Zaporizhia said yesterday that the Russian air force had carried out large-scale attacks on Ukraine’s frontline positions. Vladimir Rogov, an official of the Zaporizhia military-civilian administration, confirmed that Moscow had launched guided bombs on Ukrainian supplies of troops and ammunition near Orikhiv and Huliapole, two towns in the rear. side of Ukraine to the south.

The Russian Defense Ministry later announced that it had repelled a series of attacks by the Ukrainian army in the directions of Donetsk, Krasny Liman, and Kupyansk.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out in February last year and shows no sign of cooling down.¬†Ukraine’s military intelligence (GUR) on August 8 released what it says is an intercepted voice call, in which a Russian soldier in Ukraine says he was told the war could drag on. 2026.

“Basically, what they are telling us is that this situation will last until 2026. Russia is determined to take control of the territories,” the soldier said.

GUR regularly publishes recordings of what it says are intercepted communications involving Russian forces. Last week, GUR shared a video showing a Russian soldier allegedly telling his comrades that Russia’s “contracted” troops had been brought to the front lines.

On the Telegram channel on August 8, GUR posted a recording of what it said was a phone call between a soldier from Russian-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine and his mother. During the call, the soldier also announced that the war could drag on for another three years.

On the Ukrainian side, the country’s officials also said that fighting is taking place fiercely on both the Eastern and Southern fronts. Kiev admits the situation is very difficult and the counter-offensive is sure to last. However, Ukraine insists its troops continue to advance and may end the conflict in the first half of next year.

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