Russia posted a video of a raid on Ukraine’s trenches

A Russian airborne unit has raided a Ukrainian trench in Lugansk, forcing its troops to surrender.

Video released by the Russian Defense Ministry on June 25 shows the moment a Russian airborne unit raided the Ukrainian trenches in Lugansk, near the city of Kremennaya, with artillery support.

Russia’s multi-pronged attack forced the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers. At the end of the video, soldiers believed to be from Ukrainian forces lay down their weapons and surrender.

The Russian Defense Ministry statement did not specify when the raid took place.

Earlier this month, Ukraine also announced that a group of special forces of its navy had attacked a Russian trench on the southern front in a long-awaited counter-offensive.

According to observers, Ukraine’s counter-offensive has so far not made significant progress, unable to penetrate the solid defenses that Russia has built on the southern front. Ukrainian officials admit that the counter-offensive operation is at an early stage and is mainly aimed at probing the enemy’s defenses.

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