Russian air defense system capable of intercepting 100% of HIMARS missiles?

The crews of the Pantsir air defense system are said to have detected and shot down a number of Ukrainian targets during the ongoing military operation.

TASS quoted a senior executive of Russia’s state corporation Rostec on July 13 as saying that Russia’s upgraded Pantsir surface-to-air missile system has 100% protection against the HIMARS high mobility rocket artillery system manufactured by the US.

“The combat effectiveness of the Pantsir surface-to-air missile system was upgraded after participating in the special military operation in Ukraine. The new version of the Pantsir system is 100% effective at intercepting missiles of the US HIMARS multiple launch missile system in some cases,” said Bekhkhan Ozdoyev, Director of the Division of Conventional Weapons, Special Ammunition and Chemicals of Rostec, said.

“Any weapon is modernized and improved after a period of use in combat. This is a continuous process. For example, after the enemy received the HIMARS system, the experts in charge of Pantsir upgraded the system to intercept these missiles. We can see for example Ukrainian HIMARS attacks that were prevented by our Pantsir system. There have been cases where all 12 missiles launched from the HIMARS system were shot down,” Ozdoyev said.

High Precision Systems said that the company upgraded the Pantsir missile system based on the performance of the system in the special military operations area in Ukraine and the enemy’s use of modern missile systems, such as the HIMARS system.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Pantsir air defense system detected and shot down a number of targets during a special military operation in Ukraine. The system allows operators to detect cruise and ballistic missiles, helicopters, multiple launch rockets, reconnaissance UAVs and suicide UAVs.

The Pantsir surface-to-air missile system is designed to protect military, administrative and industrial facilities from enemy aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and precision weapons, while enhancing their capabilities. anti-aircraft capabilities when repelling large air raids.

The Russian military is using the Pantsir-S variant with a multi-channel target tracking and locking system. The system is capable of striking air targets flying at speeds of up to 1,000m/s and at distances from 200m to 20km.

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