Russian colonel dies trying to rescue besieged soldiers in Ukraine

Russia’s Pravda newspaper reported that Colonel Yevgeny Vashunin, commander of the Leningrad Regiment, was declared dead on the 17th anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Colonel Yevgeny Vashunin, commander of the Leningrad Regiment, which consists mainly of soldiers from Russia’s Leningrad province, was killed on July 14 when his group was surrounded by Ukrainian fighters.

Specifically, on July 14, in order to support the besieged Storm detachment, Colonel Vashunin decided with his support group to move to the combat area but was discovered and ambushed by the Ukrainian side, causing him to be seriously injured, and then did not survive.

According to a report by Russian opposition news agency Mobilization News, Colonel Vashunin and his soldiers are said to be coming to support the 34th Storm Brigade.

Military casualties vary widely between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian sources. Leaked Pentagon documents from this past spring show Russia suffered a total of 189,500 to 223,000 casualties, including 35,500 to 43,000 killed in combat and 154,000 to 180,000 wounded.

Data collected by the BBC’s Russian Department, with support from MediaZona and volunteers, reported last month that at least 240 Russian soldiers were killed in the first month of Ukraine’s current counter-offensive from June 4 to July 7.

“During the clash, Colonel Vashunin was separated from his comrades and seriously wounded,” said Alexander Belsky, Chairman of the St. Petersburg said. “Despite the best medical measures that were taken, he passed away, the Colonel fought selflessly until the last minute,” he added.

Mr. Alexander Belsky affirmed: “A talented military leader and worthy citizen, commander of the Leningrad Regiment, has passed away. Colonel Yevgeny Vashunin devoted himself to the service of our Fatherland.”

The colonel was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of the Russian Federation”.

Earlier, on April 26, Colonel Vashunin addressed the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and awarded the city’s governor, Alexander Beglov, a V of the Leningrad Regiment.

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