Russian “fire-breathing dragon” armor penetrates minefields, flattening Ukraine’s stronghold

Russia deployed the UR-77 Meteorit “fire-breathing dragon” armor through Ukraine’s minefields and then attacked the Kyiv stronghold.

The Russian Ministry of Defense June 28 released a video of the UR-77 Meteorite mine-clearing armored vehicle operating in the Krasny Liman area, the Donbas front. The video shows the moment Russian forces move through the minefields towards the armored Krasny Liman UR-77 Meteorit. Then, the Russian fire destroyed the Ukrainian stronghold.

UR-77 Meteorit was developed during the Soviet era and is an upgraded version of the self-propelled gun chassis 2S1 Gvozdika. This mine-clearing complex has a launcher and an explosive storage unit whose main task is to clear mines. The explosives on the UR-77 have strong destructive power, capable of penetrating enemy solid points.

The UR-77 is capable of clearing a 90x6m minefield area for tanks to pass through.

Thanks to the mechanism that activates the explosive charge when the missile is launched, the UR-77 can create a violent explosion with a shock wave, to destroy all mines in the surrounding area. Russia has taken advantage of this feature to deploy UR-77 in the past time to penetrate the solid defensive Ukrainian areas. Because of its ability to fire a large number of powerful explosives, the UR-77 is called the “fire-breathing dragon”. 

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