Russian Rampage: Ukraine Stunned as One-Third of American Bradley Armor Vehicles Lay in Ruins!

The US delivered more than 100 Bradleys to Ukraine, but nearly a third of them were destroyed or abandoned during the counter-offensive.

According to a open source military research group, it has been confirmed that during Ukraine’s counter-offensive, a total of 34 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles were left on the battlefield either damaged or destroyed. The Bradley is a contemporary armored vehicle known for its formidable firepower, capable of swiftly transporting 10 infantry soldiers close to the enemy lines to launch rapid attacks and breach defensive positions.

The 47th Mechanized Brigade of Ukraine has been reported as the sole unit equipped with Bradley vehicles sourced from the United States. Confidential documents leaked from the Pentagon in February revealed that the 47th Brigade initially received a batch of 99 vehicles, with the possibility of additional units being provided in the future. Recent information suggests that the brigade has actually received a minimum of 109 Bradley armored vehicles.

During the counter-offensive operation in Ukraine, a significant number of Bradley vehicles provided by the US have been lost, amounting to nearly one-third of the total supplied. These losses, which were anticipated by observers, primarily occurred in the initial days of the counter-offensive in early June. Ukrainian forces encountered difficulty in their attempts to breach a heavily mined line established by Russian troops. Some of the Bradleys were disabled by mines while maneuvering, necessitating their abandonment on the battlefield.

A recent video surfaced showing Russian soldiers standing beside an intact Bradley vehicle, expressing gratitude to the Ukrainian president for inadvertently providing them with armored vehicles to confiscate.

Despite facing difficult battles and a slow progress in their counter-offensive campaign, Ukrainian soldiers have praised the effectiveness of Bradley armored vehicles, attributing them to saving lives. According to a Ukrainian soldier interviewed by ABC News last month, using these modern vehicles instead of outdated armored personnel carriers has been instrumental in their survival. Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to the President of Ukraine, acknowledged the challenging situation on July 14 but reiterated that Ukraine will not engage in negotiations with Russia until its troops withdraw.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported on July 11 that the Ukrainian army has suffered significant losses, including over 26,000 soldiers and 3,000 units of weaponry, during the month-long counterattack. These losses encompass various military assets, such as Leopard 2 tanks, Bradley armored vehicles, and AMX-10RC.

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