Russia claims to have shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets carrying American missiles.

According to the Russian defence ministry, Russian warplanes shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters that had been modified to launch US-made anti-radar missiles. Ukrainian jets were intercepted near Nikolaev (southern Ukraine). The AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile can now be carried by these two MiG-29s (HARM). The AGM-88 (HARM) missile has a smokeless solid-fuel propulsion system, … Read more

Ukraine will not be able to acquire F-16s until 2025, forcing it to rely on MiG-29s.

According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country will not be able to purchase F-16 aircraft until 2025, leaving the Ukrainian air force to rely solely on the MiG-29. According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country should not expect to get F-16 fighter fighters before 2025. Simply because it takes Ukraine too long to … Read more

Ukraine’s defence minister is concerned about soldiers “going too far” as they makes quick advances in kharkiv.

Oleksii Reznikov, the defence minister, said the counterattack “went beyond expectations,” but he was concerned about the danger if their forces became overconfident. The Ukrainian military reported that as of September 11 it has reclaimed 3,000 square kilometres of land, including parts of the northeastern region that Russia had been in possession of since March … Read more

American involvement on Ukraine’s counterattack in the province of Kharkiv?

According to the US publication The New York Times, Kiev and Washington have been in constant communication regarding a strategy to fend off Russia during its counteroffensive in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv. A fundamental change in military tactics on the ground was signalled by Ukraine’s intelligence sharing with the US during the Russian … Read more

Ukraine wants ‘Leopard’ tanks, and Germany is sending troops to Russia’s borders.

According to Ukrainian officials, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal came in Berlin and met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about military aid. The need to enhance the supply of artillery and air defence systems is shared by the leaders of the two nations. Germany must first scale up its assistance with heavy weaponry that it has … Read more

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