Russia’s “non-explosive weapons” can cost Ukraine thousands of UAVs

Western experts say that Russia is gaining a great advantage over Ukraine with electronic warfare (EW) weapons, making Kyiv can lose about 10,000 UAVs a month. The RUSI Institute (UK) published a report saying that Russia’s EW weapons appear to be causing significant damage to Ukraine’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) without using any bullets. According … Read more

Ukraine reveals tactics to defeat Russian killer UAVs

The Ukrainian commander believes that the Russian drone is a low-speed target, so it is necessary to use suitable weapons to shoot it down. “Shahed drones are low-speed targets, so it is necessary to use large-caliber machine guns, which are considered more effective, to shoot them down,” said Serhii Naiev, commander of the Self-Defense Forces. … Read more

“Ukrainian Fighter Jets Lured into Danger: Russia Sets Up “Death Trap” in Latest Provocation”

To lure the Ukrainian plane into a position where it can be ambushed by Russian warplanes, a Russian plane will be employed as a decoy. “The Russians are always adjusting their strategy. Nothing in this conflict is definite. traps are set. They despatched a plane, deceiving the Ukrainian pilot into believing there was just one, … Read more

Russia – Ukraine race to recruit troops, wind up in a big battle

Russia and Ukraine have stepped up recruitment to shore up their eroding forces, a sign that both sides are preparing for a long war. Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 30 signed a decree authorizing large-scale spring recruitment, with the goal of mobilizing about 147,000 men, about 10% more than the target of the recruitment. … Read more

Up to 40 fighter Mirage 2000s could be sent to Ukraine by France.

Although Ukraine has stated a desire for the F-16, the Mirage 2000 fighter is expected to improve its air power. For further supply to Ukraine, France wants to acquire back the whole fleet of 40 Mirage 2000-9 fighters it sold to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Paris and Abu Dhabi are presently engaged in active … Read more

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