Special weapons can help Russia change the war situation with Ukraine

A former US official commented on the weapon that he thought could help Russia change the situation of the war with Ukraine for more than a year. Former US intelligence official and former UN Iraq arms inspector Scott Ritter warned that new Russian radar monitoring satellites could allow Moscow to change the course of the … Read more

Weapons from the US to Ukraine in the hands of gangs in Mexico?

RT news agency on May 31, citing sources from Milenio TV channel, said that a number of US-like military weapons sent to Ukraine were seen in the hands of a notorious gang in Mexico. The Milenio TV channel broadcast a video showing a man wearing a Gulf Cartel insignia in Mexico carrying a Kalashnikov rifle … Read more

President Putin’s stern warning after the drone attack on Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out after 8 suspected Ukrainian UAVs attacked Moscow on the morning of May 30. In a statement released on May 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian military of being the culprit behind the suicide drone attack on Moscow on the morning of the same day. According to Putin, … Read more

The special mission of the Russian S-400 “Fire Dragon” shield in Ukraine

Experts said that, in addition to helping Russian forces defend, the S-400 shield also seems to be used to ambush Ukrainian targets, an unusual task of the complex. Russia’s advanced S-400 air defense system is designed to shoot down aircraft and missiles at long ranges and at high altitudes. However, according to Business Insider, field reports suggest … Read more

Russia’s “non-explosive weapons” can cost Ukraine thousands of UAVs

Western experts say that Russia is gaining a great advantage over Ukraine with electronic warfare (EW) weapons, making Kyiv can lose about 10,000 UAVs a month. The RUSI Institute (UK) published a report saying that Russia’s EW weapons appear to be causing significant damage to Ukraine’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) without using any bullets. According … Read more

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