Watch:The Congo fighter pilot survived a missile strike and made a successful emergency landing.

Although a Rwandan missile struck the Su-25 Congo as it was coming in for a landing, the pilot was still able to maintain control and make a safe landing. Images posted to social media on January 25 depict the moment the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Su-25 attack plane was struck by a shoulder-fired … Read more

Israel declines to provide missiles to Ukraine despite US requests

On January 25, Israel declined to provide the Hawk air defence system to Ukraine as requested by the US in the context of Washington’s desire to strengthen Kyiv’s military capabilities. Because Ukraine still places a high priority on air defence, the Joe Biden administration has brought up the Hawk anti-aircraft missiles that Israel has on … Read more

Iran sets up new Bavar-373 air defence missile systems in Syria to combat Israeli F-35 aircraft

To defend against aerial attacks from Israel and the stealth fighter aircraft F-35, Iran has stationed its most recent generation of air defence missile system in Syria, known as Bavar-373. According to intelligence from the Iranian defence sector, the Bavar-373 will have the ability to locate and shoot down stealth fighters like the American F-35. … Read more

Russia claims to have shot down five Ukrainian military planes in two days.

Russia claimed that its forces had shot down five Ukrainian military planes, including four helicopters, in two days of action. Three Ukrainian military aircraft, including a MiG-29 fighter and two Mi-8 helicopters, were shot down by the Russian Air Force on December 29, 2022, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. However, Russia also claimed … Read more

Where is the Russian ‘night hunter’ Mi-28N in the attack helicopter power table?

“Night Hunter” Mi-28N is equipped with a 30mm cannon, Ataka-V anti-tank missile, Igla-V air-to-air missile, and 122mm S-13 rocket…; This is one of the best attack helicopters of the Russian army. Equipped with powerful firepower, precision attack, and wide range, Mi-28N helicopters often work closely with special forces and Russian paratroopers in combat operations. Mi-28N helicopters … Read more

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