Russian Air Defense Grid: Are There Still Gaps in the Multi-Layered Shield?

According to our analysts, the recent incident involving a small UAV attack on Moscow on May 30 has highlighted significant vulnerabilities in Russia’s multi-layered defense fire network. Since the 1980s, the Soviet defense forces have implemented an extensive air defense network to safeguard Moscow against intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and bombers carrying nuclear weapons from … Read more

Ukraine might be in talks with Germany to purchase cutting-edge tanks.

According to German media, Ukraine and Germany are currently negotiating the sale of further Panther KF51 tanks to Ukraine. According to a source close to Armin Papperger, CEO of the German defense firm Rheinmetall, Ukraine would probably be the first foreign buyer of the German Panther KF51 main battle tank, according to German media. Papperger … Read more

How do the US and the rest of the West transport weapons to Ukraine?

Logistical help provided by the West to Ukraine is another significant component in addition to the vast amount of aid weapons. The US Transportation Command has made a visual public that shows the precise quantity of weapons and equipment that has been sent to Ukraine. This White House image shows the availability of goods from … Read more

In eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces shot down a $ 16.2 million Russian Ka-52 helicopter.

On December 4, 2022, it is reported that a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile struck a Russian military Ka-52 helicopter in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army’s Dneprovsk anti-aircraft missile brigade fired a missile that struck the Ka-52 helicopter. The Ka-52 helicopter crashed to the ground after being hit by a missile; the pilot did not open the … Read more

Russia threatens to attack if Patriot missiles are deployed in Ukraine

According to Medvedev, the Russian Security Council’s deputy chairman, Patriot systems and NATO personnel who enter Ukraine are “legitimate targets.” Vice President of the Council stated, “If NATO provides the Patriot systems and sends their crews to Ukraine, as Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg referred to, they will immediately become valid targets for our armed forces.” … Read more

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