How do the US and the rest of the West transport weapons to Ukraine?

Logistical help provided by the West to Ukraine is another significant component in addition to the vast amount of aid weapons. The US Transportation Command has made a visual public that shows the precise quantity of weapons and equipment that has been sent to Ukraine. This White House image shows the availability of goods from … Read more

In eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces shot down a $ 16.2 million Russian Ka-52 helicopter.

On December 4, 2022, it is reported that a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile struck a Russian military Ka-52 helicopter in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army’s Dneprovsk anti-aircraft missile brigade fired a missile that struck the Ka-52 helicopter. The Ka-52 helicopter crashed to the ground after being hit by a missile; the pilot did not open the … Read more

Russia threatens to attack if Patriot missiles are deployed in Ukraine

According to Medvedev, the Russian Security Council’s deputy chairman, Patriot systems and NATO personnel who enter Ukraine are “legitimate targets.” Vice President of the Council stated, “If NATO provides the Patriot systems and sends their crews to Ukraine, as Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg referred to, they will immediately become valid targets for our armed forces.” … Read more

UK asserts that Russia deceived Ukraine by using missiles from the Soviet era

Britain thinks that Russia is using nuclear-armed Kh-55 missiles as bait to trick Ukrainian air defences by removing their nuclear warheads. “Most likely, Russia is shooting older cruise missiles into Ukraine after disarming nuclear warheads on them. Known for carrying nuclear bombs since the 1980s, the Kh-55 aircraft is seen in pictures taken in Ukraine … Read more

The C-Dome naval air defence system was successfully tested by Israel.

The C-Dome test was successful, which not only represents a significant advancement in the combat abilities of the Magen-class corvettes but also aids Israel in honing its multistage missile and air defence system. The Sa’ar 6 class Israeli corvette INS Oz’s C-Dome air defence system has successfully completed its final test phase, according to the … Read more

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