What strategy did the Eurofighter Typhoon use to defeat the US F-22?

The Eurofighter Typhoon fighters defeated the US F-22 in close quarters during a training exercise in 2012 with ease. One of the most feared aircraft in the skies is the F-22 Raptor. No present or upcoming fighter can compare to the F-22, according to US Air Force sources. However, the Eurofighter Typhoon won an exercise … Read more

How the Swedish fighter managed to intercept the SR-71, the world’s fastest reconnaissance aircraft

The SR-71 could fly faster than a rocket and was untouchable by any other aircraft. In reality, only one fighter has ever been able to “lock” a reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force. The world’s fastest reconnaissance aircraft High-speed reconnaissance aircraft known as the SR-71 Blackbird was created by Lockheed Corporation for the US … Read more

‘Aerial mercenaries’ will help Ukraine erase the advantage of the Russian Air Force?

There are calls for the creation of a “volunteer unit” of foreign pilots with experience flying Western fighters to assist Ukraine in its war with Russia. Writing for the Kyiv Post this month, Jeffrey Fischer, a former US Air Force (USAF) colonel asked the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to consider creating a “mercenary air force” to … Read more

How do the US and the rest of the West transport weapons to Ukraine?

Logistical help provided by the West to Ukraine is another significant component in addition to the vast amount of aid weapons. The US Transportation Command has made a visual public that shows the precise quantity of weapons and equipment that has been sent to Ukraine. This White House image shows the availability of goods from … Read more

Within seven seconds, a Russian sergeant shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter.

A Russian guard sergeant just required seven seconds to track down and shoot down a Ukrainian Su-25 strike plane. In an air defence platoon, Sergeant Alexei Nemikin was a guardsman. He is a mobile anti-aircraft missile system operator. He describes the circumstances surrounding the downing of the Ukrainian aircraft to Russian journalists. “I destroyed the … Read more

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