“US military’s secret weapon revealed: Hypersonic missiles unleashed in latest drills!”

The US military has stationed LRHW hypersonic missile complexes in Florida to take part in training exercises. At the Lewis – McChord Joint Base in Washington, the US military has sent LRHW hypersonic missiles to Cape Canaveral in Florida to take part in training. The US hypersonic systems are thought to have travelled close to … Read more

Does Turkey no longer require the S-400?

Turkey has created the Siper complex, a Russian S-400-equivalent interceptor weapon, despite not having access to Russian technology. According to a Turkish military source, the country does not need to purchase more Russian S-400 interceptors because domestically produced weaponry have surpassed the defensive system’s capabilities. The introduction of a number of air defence command systems … Read more

To counter Russia, the 4 Nordic countries’ air forces aim to combine a force of 300 fighter jets.

Four Nordic nations, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, have decided to establish a unified 300-fighter Nordic air defense force to counter Russia. In response to the mounting threat from Russia, the air force chiefs from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark announced on March 24 that they had signed a statement of intent to establish … Read more

Three Russian military jets are intercepted by Dutch F-35 fighters over Poland.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, three Russian military jets were intercepted over Poland by Dutch F-35 fighters. According to a statement issued by the Dutch Ministry of Defense on February 13, two Dutch F-35 fighter jets intercepted a formation of three Russian military planes above Poland and guided them out of the area. … Read more

What strategy did the Eurofighter Typhoon use to defeat the US F-22?

The Eurofighter Typhoon fighters defeated the US F-22 in close quarters during a training exercise in 2012 with ease. One of the most feared aircraft in the skies is the F-22 Raptor. No present or upcoming fighter can compare to the F-22, according to US Air Force sources. However, the Eurofighter Typhoon won an exercise … Read more

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