F-35 pilots will turn back when they encounter Su-35 jets, according to a NATO colonel.

Despite its stealth characteristics, the Russian-made Su-35 fighter is reported to be able to take on the US F-35 Lightning II. After spotting the Russian Su-35, the US F-35 stealth aircraft will reverse course. After speaking with NATO Colonel Konstantinos Zikidis, Indian military analyst Tanmai Kadam writes in his piece. A while back, media reports … Read more

Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy are working together to create next-generation combat aircraft.

Japan, Britain, and Italy stated on December 9 that they would work together to create next-generation fighter aircraft by 2035. Officials claim that Japan intends to replace the Air Self-Defense Force’s outdated F-2 fighter series with 100 brand-new aircraft by the year 2035. This new plane will take the place of 240 Eurofighters for the … Read more

Russia explains why it launched numerous missile attacks against Ukraine

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the country’s military launched numerous large-scale missile strikes to hinder Ukraine’s ability to dispatch troops, weapons, and military hardware to the front lines. On December 5, the Russian military kept launching massive missile attacks on targets all around Ukraine. According to Ukrainian officials, the attack crippled the nation’s power … Read more

Europe’s $100 billion FCAS stealth fighter is plagued by major issues.

The FCAS stealth fighter project is in danger of failing because of the intense conflict among the project participants over who will assume which responsibilities. The Future Combat Air System program, which will give them a new set of “air weapons” including FCAS and drones, is currently being worked on by three European nations, including … Read more

In the last two days, Ukraine claims to have shot down 86% of Russian suicide drones.

Kiev claims to have shot down 86% of Russian suicide drones that have struck targets in Ukraine during the last two days. According to Yurii Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Troops Command, as reported in Ukrainska Pravda on October 17, Kiev forces have shot down 37 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that the Russian … Read more

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