Pentagon can send Stryker armoured vehicles to Ukraine.

According to our correspondent, the Pentagon is considering include Stryker armour in the upcoming military aid package for Ukraine. According to two unidentified US defence officials quoted by my correspondent on January 9, the Stryker infantry fighting vehicle could assist Ukraine in fending off the potential that Russia will launch a significant offensive in the … Read more

What makes the B-21 Raider a “stealth aircraft” unique?

Northrop Grumman, a US defence company, just introduced the B-21 Raider, a new generation stealth nuclear bomber with a factory price of up to $ 700 million per. The total cost of the project is roughly USD 203 billion. The AP reported that on December 2nd, the launch ceremony for this aircraft, also known as … Read more

The United States has grounded its entire fleet of 400 CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopters.

Following engine fires on a few of its 400 CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters, the US Army grounded the whole fleet. A spokesperson for the US Army claimed in a statement on August 30 that “The Army has discovered the underlying cause of a fuel leak that caused a number of engine fires in a handful … Read more

The Tu-22M backfire – the US military’s worst fear

The Tu-22M has established itself as a major adversary for many airforces across the world, notably the United States Air Force, thanks to its extensive flight range, enormous payload, and ability to defend against hostile jets. According to retired US Air Force officer Christian Orr, stated by 19FortyFive, although being relatively old, Russia’s Tu-22M bomber … Read more

AliExpress-sold chips are used in Russian 300mm 9M544 Smerch rockets.

Russian 9M544 Smerch missiles uses modified chips purchased from AliExpress. The 9M544 Smerch rocket has a diameter of 300mm and is utilized by multiple launch rocket systems [MLRS]. Tornado-S This missile is intended to strike armored vehicles. The Center for Advanced Defense Studies [C4ADS] evaluated a used 300mm 9M544 Smerch rocket. This center’s team is … Read more

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