Ukraine acquires a cutting-edge American air defense system

President Volodymyr Zelensky claims that as of September 25, Ukraine has received sophisticated US air defense systems. Ukraine has never before acknowledged receiving the Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS). Washington gave its approval for Kiev to receive this shipment of weapons at the end of the previous month. With contemporary armaments, Kiev has long sought … Read more

Ukraine will not be able to acquire F-16s until 2025, forcing it to rely on MiG-29s.

According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country will not be able to purchase F-16 aircraft until 2025, leaving the Ukrainian air force to rely solely on the MiG-29. According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country should not expect to get F-16 fighter fighters before 2025. Simply because it takes Ukraine too long to … Read more

German JFS-M missiles were covertly sent to Ukraine; is it now a threat to all Russian military installations in Crimea?

According to reports, Germany has quietly given a number of JFS-M super missiles to Ukraine for deployment on HIMARS or M270 artillery batteries, which can pose a serious danger to Russia’s military position on the Crimean peninsula. According to Russian media, the negotiations between Ukraine and the US on the supply of ATACMS missiles are … Read more

The United States has grounded its entire fleet of 400 CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopters.

Following engine fires on a few of its 400 CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters, the US Army grounded the whole fleet. A spokesperson for the US Army claimed in a statement on August 30 that “The Army has discovered the underlying cause of a fuel leak that caused a number of engine fires in a handful … Read more

The Tu-22M backfire – the US military’s worst fear

The Tu-22M has established itself as a major adversary for many airforces across the world, notably the United States Air Force, thanks to its extensive flight range, enormous payload, and ability to defend against hostile jets. According to retired US Air Force officer Christian Orr, stated by 19FortyFive, although being relatively old, Russia’s Tu-22M bomber … Read more