Russia-Ukraine conflict: Moscow wins one, draws one and loses one!

In the more than four months the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation has lasted, Moscow can be said to have won one, tied one, and lost one. First, Russia prevails and gains more control over Ukraine’s land. The Russian Army has taken control of the Ukrainian provinces of Kherson, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, and Sieverodonetsk since Russian President Putin authorised … Read more

Russia claimed that 85% of Ukraine’s M777 howitzers were destroyed or damaged.

Russia claims that the Ukrainian army may have lost up to 85 percent of the M777 artillery delivered by the US. If Russian media is to believed, the Ukrainian Army seems to have no more than 20 US M777’s, out of a total of 107 that were previously delivered by the US side. The majority … Read more

Is the T-90M tank capable of surviving direct Javelin missile strikes in Ukraine?

Despite claims that the T-90M would be totally immune to Javelin anti-tank missiles, it appears that this tank type is still vulnerable to attack. The appearance of the T-90M Proryv, the most recent Russian tank variant, in Kharkiv, Ukraine on April 25 is noteworthy. This tank, an updated version of the T-90, is reported to … Read more

Former Russian military says that intercepting all US rockets in Ukraine is difficult.

That is the assessment of a former Russian artillery commander regarding the risks of US rocket systems entering the Ukrainian conflict. According to military analyst Aleksey Sakantsev, a former officer of the Russian rocket and artillery forces, the country’s military cannot utilize electronic suppression of all missiles fired from rocket systems M270 and M142. Russia … Read more

Russia starts airstrikes on Ukraine’s key supply route for Western weapons.

Two persons were injured in a Russian air strike on transportation infrastructure, according to a regional governor in western Ukraine. Maksym Kozytskyy, the governor of the Lviv region, said two individuals were hurt in a recent Russian air strike. He did not specify the goal of the Russian forces’ attack near Lviv. Russia struck the … Read more

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